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A mass-market product that will go on par with smartphones.

A huge new market worth billions of dollars is emerging in the West, and we will soon have this market. But let's start in order. I love movies, especially in IMAX format. And when the first curved screen TVs appeared. I decided that I should take them. However, I refused to buy it, and here is why.

Around the same time as the introduction of such TVs, companies began to announce augmented reality and virtual reality. Which will soon become a major industry. Mark Zuckerberg about virtual reality - "I just think VR and AR will be really Grand."

A huge TV is no longer the best option to watch a good movie. So watch something in between, but not for watching a movie.

Augmented reality and virtual reality apps reality is in its infancy, but it is a new mass market. Even now, many advanced companies are making presentations to their clients in virtual reality glasses. And in the near future, glasses will become an item that everyone will want to buy.

Here's what John Carmack, a computer game developer, says: "I I really think that VR is now one of the most exciting things that can be done in this whole consumer electronic entertainment material sector."

So what's the problem? Why are they not so popular now?

In at the time of its appearance, there were 2 main problems. The first problem is not enough content. That is, movies, games, and so on. But gradually this niche is being filled. And now one of the leading areas of business in the West is the development of such content, and people who can do this become highly paid employees.

Second for example, consumers didn't want to buy something that they didn't know anything about or hadn't tried. And it is difficult to try augmented reality just by reading about it. But this problem is solved. Some online movie theater sites have started offering points to their subscribers for free. This sparked a massive demand and launched word of mouth. Except in addition, live presentations were launched in some stores. As soon as every store has the opportunity to see with their own eyes, virtual reality glasses will be in mass demand. This is a matter of the near future.


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