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Sberbank canceled the brokerage Commission until March 31

Sberbank launched the "invest profitably" campaign. According to its terms, participants will not be charged brokerage Commission and service fees, including the Depository Commission. The promotion period is c 14 from January to March 31, 2019, the Promotion applies to all brokerage products.

A great reason to open a brokerage account, or better yet, an ICO and start acting.

During the promotion period, it will be profitable for us to buy VERY short bonds.

"Very short" means that they will be redeemed during 2019 years.

Previously, it was not profitable for us to purchase them, since the Commission for the transaction, plus the Commission for the Depository, ate up all the profit. And with small amounts, you had to choose more "long" bonds.

OFZ 26208

Coupon 7.5% per annum

Price 999.95 rubles.

Redemption 27.02.2019

OFZ 26216

Coupon of 6.7% per annum

Price 997.6 rubles.

Redemption on 15.05.2019

OFZ 26210

Coupon of 6.8% per annum

Price 996 rubles.

Redemption on 11.12.2019


Coupon of 9% per annum (net of VAT) tax's)

Price 1004.7 rubles.

Repayment 04.04.2019


Coupon of 9.05% per annum

Price 1008.5 rubles.

Redemption on 22.11.2019

VTB Bank-B-1-3

Coupon of 8,1% per annum

Price 1020 rubles.

Redemption on 23.12.2019⠀

Buy, we keep them until the repayment date, since there are no commissions when paying them.

Then the bonds are taken away from you and the money is credited to your account. Don't worry, the broker will do everything for you.⠀

Starting from April 1, commissions will be restored.

Good investment, my friends!

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