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Morning market review 30.09.2019

Good day to all!

Friends, this morning's review will be short, as yesterday we released a weekly video with a forecast for the week, where we talked about each tool. The Americans became practice, at the close of trading of the week "to be horrible to because" the markets on the weekend to rewind. The rumor about the delisting of Chinese companies in the US turned out to be false, but the fallout, as they say, remained…

The dollar-ruble – We should expect the ruble to weaken. Range-64.3 - 64.80. V this pair of interests does not exist yet.

S&P500 index - Trading range for S&P500 futures 2962 -2992. We expect moderate growth.

RTS and MICEX-for today, the key supports are located on RTS 132200 futures on the MICEX 275200, and RTS 136700 and MICEX 277800 resistances. There are no interests yet.

OIL – Today is the last day of active trading of the old contract in oil BR-10.19, tomorrow will be the expiration of this futures and the quotes will not change will be. Today we will start trading the next contract BR-11.19 and analyze the prices of the new contract. Today we expect a range of 60.35 - 62.35- 63.50 , we plan to open a long position on the decline.

Precious metals – Today the trading range for gold is 1486 -1507 and silver 17.25 -17.75 (spot market prices and they differ from the futures price). We believe that there may be a downward correction in prices, and we will buy gold if we decline.

Debt market-In the morning, the yield on us bonds is 10Y ( ten-year paper ) 1.68%, and 3M (three-month bonds) 1.76% . The yield on 30Y (thirty-year bonds)fell by 2.13%. The market clearly puts in its prices another rate cut of 0.25% in December.!/concerns-on-possible-us-actions-to-restrict-china-investment-continue-to-echo-in-asia-20190930

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To everyone good luck and have a good day !

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